Professor of Business Practice,
Director of the Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS), Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Alexey is an experienced strategist helping executives to explore global trends, creatively rethink business context, and craft better working strategies. He gives lectures, leads workshops and strategy sessions for senior executives in business and public administration. He also runs masterclasses and seminars for strategy professionals.


Change happens quickly only for those who observe fait accompli. Whoever sees the essence of the processes - observes the change in slow motion. It is not the speed that matters, but the depth of change.

  • Society in Transit:
    generational shifts, changes in values and behavior - what tomorrow's consumers, employees, and voters will be like?
  • New Economic Models:
    Creative Economy, Experience Economy and Behavioral Economics - where and how value is created in the new economy?
  • New Economic Map of the World:
    farewell to countries: metaregions and cities as the main geoeconomic categories (deep dive into Russia, Eurasian Heartland, India, China, the Middle East).
  • New Technological Platform:
    what comes after the digital age? what ideas and solutions drive the new wave of innovations? where the new money goes?
  • ESG: Fashion, Threat or Opportunity:
    UN Sustainable Development Goals, ESG innovations in marketing, finance, manufacturing, supply chain management, assessing the social and environmental impact of business, crafting and implementing your sustainable development strategy.


The changing context requires new strategic tools as well as creative application of classic ones. A strategist's job is to make sense of the change early on and find the best way to communicate their vision.

  • Strategy 101:
    we review the classic and modern concepts of strategic management and see how to creatively apply them for the modern context.
  • Working-with-the-Future Toolkit:
    when and how to use forecasting, strategic and technological foresight, trend watching, scenarios, narrative.
  • Ten Types of Innovations:
    innovations beyond product and technology - how to get the most from novels in business model and customer experience.
  • Global Strategy:
    global competitiveness and how to get the most from what the world has to offer (far beyond a foreign trade).
  • Strategies in Postmodernity and the Power of Narrative:
    effective approaches to strategizing in the postmodern times (now).

More about Alexey Kalinin


Alexey is a professor of business practice with Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and director of the SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Markets Studies (IEMS) – an applied research center in the areas of geoeconomics, global strategies, sustainable development, and digital transformation.

Previously Alexey headed consulting practice at the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies and taught strategy at the Graduate School of Business of the Moscow State University. Alexey also has over 15 years of experience in senior leadership roles in strategy and international business development in energy, engineering, and information technology.


Alexey studied strategy and international business at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, BI Norwegian Business School, Graduate School of Business at Moscow State University, as well as at the specialized programs by Keio University and Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan. Alexey is a certified consultant in management and organizational development (RANEPA).